Why do we study?

Why do we prepare academically?

The fundamental objective of preparing academically is to have the necessary knowledge, so that in the near future we can develop a successful professional career

Who is the most successful professional?

He is the one who manages to develop a high level of analytical abstraction and consequently, go deeper into the understanding of something specific; thus achieving better and very successful work results, regarding their labor competence

Why abstraction?

Abstraction is to understand or come to have full knowledge about something abstract

What is something abstract?

The abstract is something that we can no longer imagine mentally as something with a specific shape; It’s just something we have to

infer analytically 

What is analytical capacity?

It is the ability to infer something very complex and abstract; but, from an analytical understanding; that is, there is no specific form or figure of the element to be inferred, it is something completely abstract

The objective of a high academic preparation is to reach high levels of analytical capacity; consequently, develop the ability to successfully conceptualize the academic

To exemplify the analytic abstraction, we are going to use the concept of a mathematical number

Let’s consider a number; for example the number 5 immediately, our mind relates it to having 5 things or having five elements of something specific; however, the analytic concept of mathematical number has no specific form or figure

The concept of mathematical number is completely abstract; that is, a conceptual number does not have any specific form or representation; for this reason, ancient mathematicians who had the analytical ability to conceptualize the mathematical number represented it using different symbols; that is, they used a numerical system typical of their civilization, but the conceptualization of mathematical number is analytically the same, regardless of the form or symbology used

To develop a conceptual capacity, is to reach a capacity of analytical abstraction that allows inferring the academic conceptualization

To have analytical capacity, is to develop the capacity to be able to academically conceptualize

In order to fully understand an academic concept, it is necessary to develop the capacity for analytical abstraction

Reaching a level of analytical development is developing the ability to abstract or discern analytically in an abstract world

The great academic concepts belong to a completely abstract world; only the person with the necessary degree of analytical ability will have the ability to conceptualize them academically

When something analytical is abstracted, it is possible to bring from an abstract world to a real world, an academic conceptualization

A successful professional is the one who has developed the necessary analytical abstraction capacity, which allows him a full understanding of academic conceptualization and thus be able to successfully apply academic concepts in his professional life

All academic conceptualization is born from an analytical abstraction, originating or feeding a specific science

An academic science is the result of a set of academic conceptualizations; which belong exclusively to a specific science

A specialized educational center is in charge of transmitting an academic conceptualization efficiently; for this reason it is necessary that they have the ability to have a team of professors who fully master the academic conceptualization; as well as, having efficiently selected the student; which, must first have developed the degree of analytical abstraction, which allows it to assimilate the academic conceptualization

Professors with the ability to transmit academic conceptualization

Selected students with the ability to assimilate the academic conceptualization

Successful integration of academic conceptualization in a specific professional field

The only way for academic conceptualizations to be efficiently applied in a specific professional field; that is, that the student has the necessary analytical abstraction capacity to successfully make the conceptual integration to the professional field

If we want to have a great academic support in our professional life, we need to reach the level of analytical abstraction; only at that level is it possible to successfully academically conceptualize

Any person who does not reach the level of analytical abstraction does not have the ability to assimilate an academic conceptualization

When we do not reach the level of analytical abstraction, the assimilation of academic conceptualization is deficient

Every educational model should be focused on promoting students from an early age; the ability to foster the necessary academic foundation and, above all, the analytical exercise that will allow the student to reach the level of analytical abstraction in the near future

The earlier the student manages to exercise himself analytically, the more likely he is to reach very high levels of analytical abstraction and therefore a great assimilation of academic conceptualization

Analytical training at an early age

Develop the capacity for analytical abstraction

a high professional level with a high conceptual academic backing

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